Wednesday, January 25, 2012

day 10 : "pribe of libe"

Tuesday and Wednesday have pretty much been a repeat of Monday. I'm still sick, the only difference is I had to go back to work! (WOO HOO, I know my co-workers LOVE when I bring my sneezy, wheezy, snotty germs with me every day). I've been replaying an episode of Friends in my head all day. It's the one where Monica gets sick and she tries to convince everyone that she is OK. This scene (link is below) she tries to convince Chandler that she isn't sick that she is in the "Pribe of Libe" (Prime of Life)

 Earlier in the episode she explains to everyone that is not sick, she is completely "fine-d"

Monica: (entering) Hey!

Ross: Hey!

Chandler: Hey, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at work?

Monica: (congested) Ugh, they sent me home. They said I can’t work if I’m sick.

All: Ohh!

Chandler: I’m so sorry you’re sick.

Monica: I’m not sick!! I don’t get sick! Getting sick is for weaklings and for pansies!

Rachel: Honey, no one thinks you’re a pansy, but we do think you need a tissue. (She notices something hanging from Monica’s nose, as does Joey.)

Monica: (wiping her nose) I have not been sick in over three years! (Sneezes.)

Chandler: I’m gonna grab you some tissue.

Monica: I don’t need a tissue! I’m fine-d!

Ross: When you put a ‘D’ at the end of ‘Fine’ you’re not fine.

Monica: I’m fine-d. I’m fine-d! Y’know, it’s a really hard word to say

It's true you know, fine REALLY is a hard word to say!!! I've missed my workouts since Monday but I've stuck to clean eating. I was hopeful I would be able to return to the gym tonight but it doesn't look promising. I left work early and I'm snuggled on the couch. I'm not sure I have enough energy to finish writing this blog...let alone get up and go to the gym. My fingers are crossed that I will wake up tomorrow feeling fresh and energized and be able to start "workin' on my fitness" again.

Please continue to send positive, healthy, sanitized thoughts my way!! It's all greatly appreciated.


  1. I feel your pain-d. I've come down with a cold today and feel pretty blah. I perked up on some Sudafed and made it to they gym where I had a surprisingly good workout. (Then I used disinfectant wipes on all of the weights I touched!)

    I hope that you feel better very soon. That's awesome that you've kept up eating right, even though you feel awful. I'm going to have a glass of merlot (only 50 calories) and go to bed. Take care-d!

  2. Hey, sometimes we can feel like that even when we aren't sick! I had that myself today but I pushed through it.

    Just chill for now and let your body heal and get over being sick. Too much right now may work against you.

    Glad to hear though you are keeping in clean eating. That is important and will go a long way toward recovery. Keep at it!